QBREXZA stories:


One way to consider if QBREXZA® (glycopyrronium) cloth is right for you is to hear from others. Watch these stories of people sharing their struggles with excessive underarm sweating and see how QBREXZA has impacted their lives.


World-class pole vaulter, Kortney, has had to make many sacrifices in her life due to sweating.

See how QBREXZA helped and why she wants young people to not make the same sacrifices she did.

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  • Sweat had always been problematic for aspiring singer, Chelsea, though it never occurred to her to seek help from a dermatologist. Hear how that conversation almost didn’t happen, and what it meant to her once it did.

  • From hiding sweat under layers of clothes to trying clinical-strength products from the pharmacy, nothing worked to manage Kristen’s excessive underarm sweat. Hear how getting diagnosed and understanding her options helped her find a treatment that she’s comfortable with.

  • For Shawn, finding a treatment that worked for him meant not only could he manage his sweat, but he could also break free from old routines, like constantly changing clothes. See how he fits QBREXZA into his new routine.

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